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How long have you been in the industry?
Treasured Memories started clicking away mid of 2003. Therefore, we are a decade and a half in the industry but we believe that we barely scratch the surface… with the demand for event documentation is at an all time high, we will continually share our passion both in photography & cinematography to capture those wonderful moments through our lenses.
What type of equipment do you use?

I believe that “It is the Indian who is more important not the Pana”. That being said, we use top of the line DSLR equipment from Canon, Sony & Fuji system and their army of fast lenses. It is very convenient for us to use it for photography & cinematography, “the wonder of technology” right?

We also use other equipment which are equally important like flash, flash triggers, LED lights, high end audio recorder, projector and screen, glidecam, slider,  crane and the newest addition to our family “DJI Phantom Pro Series” for aerial cinematography. When it comes to post productions, we currently use a combination of Mac’s + i7 desktops  & laptops to achieve a remarkable output of video & albums that our valued customers really loves.

How many bookings a day can you accommodate?
We are not after the quantity of weddings we have but the quality of wedding documentation we can render for each couple. Therefore, to safe guard the quality of service we provide, we only  handle 3 weddings in a day after that, we close the date. We have 3 dedicated teams to document the wedding assigned to them from the start of preparation till the end of the reception program.  We believe that “we are only as good as our last wedding documentation”. That is why we have to limit our event documentation.
Do you do out of town or out of the country wedding documentation?
Yes we do… Our out of town fees are charged not because artists are greedy. We charge accordingly because it will provide leverage for transpo costs and the hours spent travelling. Good thing in the Philippines artists don’t charge per hour but instead charge per client booking.

Inter-island destination clients / weddings on the other hand are charged even higher because we alot atleast a day before and a day after your event and we usually spend the whole day for you alone.

Sure we call it #workation because we usually go to beautiful places. But WE are truly there primordially TO WORK AND NOT FROLIC UNDER THE SUN AND SWIM AT THE BEACH.

We are booked to provide service and not to be on vacation so please dont think we got a free vacation because you booked us.

If you book us, WE TRAVEL TO YOU BECAUSE WE WILL SERVE YOU AND GIVE YOU THE BEST OF WHAT WE CAN GIVE as artists and as suppliers. We are drop dead serious when it comes to work.

Please check the corresponding charges for your preferred destination. They are as follows:

Out of Town Charges Matrix:

Tagaytay – Pampanga  = Php 6,000.00

Batangas – Bataan – Subic – Cabanatuan = Php 7,000.00

Baguio – La Union – * Mindoro = Php 10,000.00 + a place to freshen up and * transportation

Bicol – Ilocos – Cagayan Valley = Php 12,000.00 + a place to freshen up

Cebu – Bohol  – Boracay – Iloilo – Bacolod – Palawan – Davao – Cagayan de Oro = Php 15,000.00 + accommodation and air fare

Out of The Country Charges:

Asia  – US$ 300.00 + accommodation, visa, terminal fees and air fare

Europe – United States – US$ 500.00 + accommodation, visa, terminal fee and air fare

What time will you arrive on the wedding day?
Your assigned team will be at the wedding preps venue 4 hrs. before the actual wedding ceremony to document both the bride & the grooms wedding preps.
What is Infrared Photography?
Infrared (IR) Photography is one of the new styles in the wedding industry that we added to our arsenal for our ever evolving photography. It will surely make your IR photos pop out specially when we create your guestbook or photo gallery. Infrared photography will create vivid colored photographs, we can even render 4 different seasons like autumn, fall, winter & cherry blossoms. That is why a lot of our wedding couple fell in love with our Infrared Photography, it’s simply amazing.
What's the difference between Same Day Edit & Save The Date?
“Same Day Edit” commonly known as onsite video is one of the highlights of any event most specially weddings. It shows snippets of the wedding preps, ceremony & early part of the reception passionately fused in a song or two to create a time shift cinematic video to be played at the wedding reception. Yes, in an instant our couple together with their guests are really amazed and mesmerized watching what transpired early that day right before their very eyes, what a way to top that magical day, isn’t it great! 

While “Save The Date” is a concept video shot during E-sessions. Before it was solely use as a shout out for the couples imminent exchange of vow date, now it can also be use as an additional avp to be played at the reception. Either way, we can create this video clip to suite our couples preference.

What is Aerial Cinematography?
Our Aerial Cinematography will elevate your event documentation specially weddings to the stratosphere I mean to another level.

This is an elegant way to establish your wedding venues like your preps hotel or resort, church or garden ceremony & reception venue. Isn’t it nice to have a bird’s eye view of the said location? It’s breathtaking!

We are using a “DJI Phantom Pro Series” to capture those magnificent sights that will surely take your breath away. If you want to avail of our Aerial cinematography services, please do check our packages section, we can offer you discounts depending on how early you are gonna book your event with us.

You can never go wrong with our Aerial cinematography services, upgrade your package now… and feel the Awesomeness.

What is E-Session?
It is what we call engagement session formerly know as pre-nup pictorial. It’s a half day shoot, so we can schedule your E-session in the morning (8am-12nn) or  in the afternoon (2pm-6pm). If you are planning to make it a whole day E-session there will be Php 5,000 charge. Should you wish to have an out of town E-session, kindly refer back to our out of town matrix.
Why should we get your services?

Is this a question out of a beauty pageant? Well we would gladly indulge, here goes… Our company’s guiding philosophy is to consistently provide each and every client with the highest quality albums, excellent portrait and to produce high-impact, creative, moving & entertaining videos at a reasonable price and to provide a service that is efficient, friendly and courteous. It has been our commitment to treat every client with utmost integrity and the highest degree of professionalism… and lastly, “love mother earth”.

How many crew will be there in our event?
Well… it depends on your preferred package, but conservatively they are composed of 7 crew member. 2 photographers, 2 videographers, 1 editor and 2 assistants.

All our crew members are honest & trustworthy, professional, with a very high moral character, dedicated & hard working individuals, which knows their role in the team when it comes to events documentation. Ohh… did I forget to mention that they are perfectly healthy and they don’t bite, if you know what I mean.

Do we have to feed you?
I and the rest of my crew are not super human… we are mere mortals. We will very much appreciate it if you do.

Event documentations most specially weddings, is an extremely difficult task to do, it requires undivided attention and agility. Our day starts early at the wedding preps until the end of the wedding reception. Letting our creative juices flow is more important to us rather than a stomach call. It’s counter productive for us to worry about these things… by addressing this issue we can focus more at the task at hand, that is to document your event to the best of our abilities. It’s better to work with a full stomach rather than an empty one, wouldn’t you agree.

How long will it takes to get our albums & video?
If everything will turn out smoothly, our lead time to produce all your package inclusions is at least 8-10 weeks upon submission of your chosen wedding pics for your album layout. First things first, your wedding cd pics will be ready for pickup 5 – 7 day after your event, you also need to submit your chosen images so we can start the queuing of your album layout.
Are your packages cheap or expensive?

It’s neither cheap nor expensive We take pride on our work and believe that when you put your passion & your heart in to it, it could never be cheap. I personally believe that quality has a price but it should be reasonable. That is why we specifically targeted the mid-range market for those couple who are looking for the best quality services which are reasonably priced.

The bottom line is that we are offering you value for your money.

What are your photography & cinematography style?
Our style is a concoction of candid, contemporary, good vibes, artistic, high fashion, dramatic, glamor, emotions,  fun shots, anything goes… it will surely exceed your expectations.

The inspirations of Treasured Memories always come from the love our couple shares for each other. We really love what we do, and it magnifies to the couple who stand in front our lens. 

Do you accept pencil booking?
Yes… we can pencil book your event for 1 week, if we didn’t receive any reservation or downpayment we will re-open the said date to accommodate other bookings.
Do you offer other services?
Yup… we also document baptism, dedication, birthdays, debuts, anniversaries, proposals, portraits, social functions, corporate events, product shoots, schools activities and any photography & videography under the sun.
Do you allow back up photographers & videographers?
Yes… we can collaborate with other photographers & videographers on your wedding day. Provided, they will respect our space to work on our creativity and will not interfere with our standard.
Can I upgrade after signing up?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up, subject of course to the availability of the crew or service you want. That is why you need to inform us as soon as you made up your mind.
What is your refund policy?
Our contract terms have always been to collect payment at the time of booking. It is a significant amount and we are making a significant commitment to our client and their date as well. It doesn’t matter if a “better offer” comes along or the couple change their mind. It works both ways, and the non-refundable retainer is the client’s way of making that same commitment to us.

Many people think, well, if the event or wedding hasn’t happened yet, you haven’t done much work, so why not offer a refund?

Wedding photographers have distinct seasons throughout the year, the busy wedding season, the slow season and booking season. Most wedding photographers will get the bulk of their inquiries and bookings during a certain window of time each year-booking season. The problem with trying to rebook is that if the wedding cancels after your booking season is over, it becomes very difficult to rebook a date.

That is why all payments made are non-refundable, such as reservations, down payments.

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