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Our Passion geared to Excellence.

You’ve made plans for your big day and you have dreamt about this…

The date is set, all you need is one final touch to make your celebration a memorable one,

someone to capture the heart & soul of your momentous event creating your

TREASURED MEMORIES that will last forever.

Greetings & Salutations dear visitors, we’d like to thank you for taking time in browsing our site for your photo & video requirements.

Treasured Memories is your family historian… With over 15 years of experience in photography & videography, we have proficiently emerged as one of the sought after photography & production house in the country to date due to our growing numbers of satisfied couple and clients alike.

We specialize in Weddings & Debuts, and it also extends to social & corporate events, conventions, parties, baptismal, and audio visual presentations among other things.

Our Philosophy

Our company’s guiding philosophy is to consistently provide our clients with the highest quality albums, excellent portrait & to produce high-impact, creative, moving & entertaining videos at an affordable price and to provide a service that is efficient, friendly and courteous. It has been our commitment to treat every client with utmost integrity and the highest degree of professionalism.

I’m Richard T. Gonzales and together with my better half Eden, we spearheaded a fresh new breed of highly skilled and motivated individuals who are expert in their respective field to be part of one team, to create a distinctive & modern style of photography, driven by passion in providing excellent service at an AFFORDABLE PRICE.

We are storytellers, you are most beautiful when you are most yourself. When your grandchildren pull your book off the shelf, blow the dust off the cover, and dive into your love story, they will be given a crystal clear window into their past. The more stories that are told, the richer and more textured our world becomes.

We approach our work and live life guided by two basic principles. First, everyone is beautiful. This is a fact, not an opinion. Beauty is found where you seek it. Yes, you are beautiful. If given the chance we’ll show it to you and hopefully a million times more before we part ways. Second, we all benefit from the stories of others, because we are truly all connected. Think about how much we learn and grow from paying attention to what is all around us. That is how we grow as a person, all we have to do is seek for it.

We believe that your relationship with your photographer should be special. It should be one of open communication and ideas. There should be a strong connection and you need to ‘get’ each other. Through confidence and mutual respect comes trust. Trust is an essential part of any relationship. As a bride and groom, you will understand the importance of working in harmony; as One. Working with your photographer is no different.

We believe no two weddings are the same, that’s why our experienced photographers & videographers will render a unique blend of candid, photojournalistic and contemporary ways to capture your special day. We promise to work with you to document your special day in a creative, balanced, and enjoyable manner.
We take great care to provide you with a specialized & personal attention, from the moment you hire us to the moment we hand over your final wedding album. We pride our selves with friendly approach, as well as our care and attention to every detail in all aspects of our work, especially when it comes to one of the most important days of your life.

Our approach is professional and our style has been perfected over the past decade to provide you with a chic but contemporary look to your final imagery, whether delicately directed or captured naturally throughout the wedding day. Our work continues on even after your wedding day, it will entail many more hours of cropping or toning your pictures, each of which are unique and professionally retouched image by image & designing the unfolding story in your stunningly beautiful wedding storybook.

That’s not all, back in the days, photos were the only way to preserve your special moments, but in today’s digital age, wedding videography is equally important, that’s why we didn’t focus on photography alone but in videography as well.
We enjoy filming our couples and we aim to capture your love story… the smiles, the tears, the kisses, something unusual & unseen, all those priceless memories unravel right before our lenses, recording things as naturally as possible… that’s our trademark. We also add the appropriate musical scoring and the result is a highly moving, cinematic voyage back to your wedding day. We let our work speaks for itself thereby creating a following in the wedding industry & event documentation in general.

We are currently using Canon DSLR’s & it’s army of fast lenses to record all our wedding documentation in full HD. In addition to these, we also deploy glidecam, slider, crane and the newest addition to our family the “Hexa Copter” for aerial videography that can provide breathtaking & extra-ordinary shooting angles that our couples truly love.

That’s just how important your wedding photography & videography to us. You deserve nothing but the best because we take a lot of pride in capturing your most Treasured Memories and making it transcend through time.
You know that feeling you get when you know you’re doing something to make someone else really happy? That’s the feeling we get when we photograph our couples.

When a bride tells us that her wedding photography is the one thing she’s not stressed about at all, that is just the best. When a bridesmaid comes up just to tell us that they all had such a great time with us that day, close fist pump!  When the father of the bride tells us he cried when he saw the images, we melt.

You know that feeling of bliss in the moment? Knowing that what we do enhances the experience of everyone involved in a wedding and will become a precious heirloom for that family, that is our bliss.

We don’t want to just take your pictures. We want to help you make memories and create moments that you and your loved ones will never forget.

We are looking forward to being a part of your wedding day and capturing each of these special moments.

Call us and tell us all your wedding hopes and dreams… It will be our great pleasure to tell your love story.

Meet the SQUAD…


Master Photographer
  • Creative 89% 89%


Senior Editor
  • Awesome 85% 85%


Master Videographer
  • Remarkable 87% 87%


Master Videographer
  • Imaginative 88% 88%


Master Photographer
  • Persistent 86% 86%


Senior Editor
  • Outstanding 88% 88%


  • Proficient 87% 87%


Aerial Pilot
  • Dependable 84% 84%


Videographer / Editor
  • Determined 87% 87%


  • Amazing 86% 86%


  • Fascinating 84% 84%


Technical Assistant
  • Striking 85% 85%

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